What is the worst bet on a table game in the typical casino?

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  2. Ive heard its the Money Wheel. You know, the one that Rainman plays… Ive also heard that Sic-Bo is relatively bad, but fun because of the potential for a big win. Is there a single bet that should never be made on a table game? (Please do not just answer: “Any losing bet is a bad bet.” Ive already thought of that answer!) Im new to gambling and dont want to lose too quickly when I get to the casino tomorrow. I probably should have saved this for another question, but are the table game payouts at online casinos identical to a place like the MGM?

    Answer by icemanind
    Hard 8 found on the craps table

  3. I am looking to find which casinos offer Keno or Sic Bo. My friend is looking for Pai Gow Poker. Is there a site that can help us out?

    Answer by jack
    This website lets you look for casino games


    Almost each casino might have keno, plus many usually have Pai Gow Poker

  4. I love playing sic-bo in the Asian gaming room at the AC Tropicana, but I do not know where to play online. Can anybody offer me some assistance?

    Answer by Anita Johnson
    There are a wise list of places to play Sic Bo online at http://www.ranked-online-casinos.com/sic-bo-online-casinos.html The casinos indexed provide great promotions plus bonus chips for modern players. I personally play at a limited of these places plus could testify to the standard of their games, including Sic Bo! Great chance!

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